Secret Proposal Tours Central Park

When you’re in love, you want the chance to show it at every opportunity.
For many the ultimate expression of love is to get married, but what’s the best way to propose?
At dinner?
After a movie?
Or somewhere so romantic that your proposal will never be forgotten?
Central Park carriage tours in Central Park will always have a romantic feel to them, no matter what.

The Proposal Tour starts and ends at 7th Avenue and Central Park South, and is 1 hour long. Your driver will share historical information about Central Park, as well as noteworthy attractions and landmarks along the route such as, Heckscher Playground, Carousel, Ice Skating Rink, the Dairy, the Mall, the Balto statue, Chess & Checkers House, Dalehead and Pinebank Arches,Summer Stage, and the Bethesda Fountain. When you arrive at Cherry Hill you will have 15 minutes to walk around and propose at either the Bow Bridge Pavilion or by the Cherry Hill Fountain. The next stop will be Strawberry Fields and Imagine mosaic. Afterwards, you will drive by Tavern on the Green and Sheep Meadow on the way back to the starting point.

We offer a secret photography service for proposals.

The undercover photographer would be waiting for you near your proposal spot. He would start taking pictures as you approach and propose, he would stay undercover until the proposal. Afterwards, he will keep taking your pictures until you get back on the carriage and leave Cherry Hill.

Bethesda Fountain

Cherry Hill Fountain

Bow Bridge

places to see

Victorian Gardens


The Lake

Chess & Checkers House

The Dairy

Literary Mall

Dog Balto Statue

Summer Stage

Conservotary Water

The Loeb Boathouse

Bethesda Fountain


Strawberry Fields

Bow Bridge

Wollman Ice Skating Rink

Cherry Hill Fountain
(photo stop)



All prices are per carriage NOT PER PERSON
“From Thanksgiving till New Years Eve high season prices apply"
"We only have Landmark Rides and Secret Proposal Rides availabilities left for high season"

Central Park
Must See

35 minutes

Central Park

45 minutes with photo stops

Central Park
Secret Proposal

60 minutes with photo stops

Park &
The City

60 minutes with photo stops

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