Horse drawn carriages were the first transportation of the city, and they are one of the few historical elements of New York City left. Taking horse and carriage ride in Central Park is definitely the most nostalgic way to see it. Considering the park was designed for carriages, you will see it how it was meant to. Besides, it is definitely the most extraordinary way to create memorable moments.

Central Park Carriage Rides have been offering the best carriage rides and specialized tour packages for years. With all the experience we gained in years, we are proud to provide you the best horses, carriages, guides, and service for the perfect tour.

Our tours include scenic view of the park and the city, historical information about the park, the must see landmarks in the park, movie spot information, and the most respectful and kind driver. For you to experience a smooth and safe ride, our horses are well taken care of, and our carriages are regularly maintained.

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Taking a private carriage ride in the park will give you the chance to see it in a unique way.  Read More…

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Central Park Tours Concerts and Events

For over 100 years, Central Park has been a place hosting public events where people from every aspect of society come together. One of the very first concert [...]

The Zoo

Located in the South-east corner of Central Park, The Zoo was not an original part of the Greensward Plan. However, the informal gifts of exotic animals to the park [...]

Belvedere Castle

Located close to West 79th, Belvedere Castle is the highest point in the park built on the second highest natural rock bed. The name translates into " beautiful view" in [...]

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