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About Us


I’m John, the co-owner and operator of Central Park Carriage Rides. I have been providing NYC visitors with horse and carriage rides and tours in Central Park since 1976. There are six owner/operators on our team and we all are unparalleled in our Central Park knowledge and care for horses. We manage and lead our own bookings so instead of dealing 3rd parties and making the experience more expensive and difficult, you always deal with us directly.


We consider our horses to be our partners and best friends, and make sure they are happy and healthy.

  • Our horses are never at work more than eight hours in any continuous twenty-four hour period.
  • We make sure our horses receive treats and frequent water breaks while working.
  • All of our horses are examined by a licensed veterinarian every 4 to 6 months, in addition to the yearly examination.
  • Our horses are never younger than five years to be placed into service and not older than 20 years.
  • Our horses receive new horseshoes and trimmings every 4-6 weeks and we make sure they fit them well.
  • For our horses from November through April, heavy winter blankets are always available in cold weather to cover them from crest to rump.   
  • Additionally waterproof blankets of lighter material are always available for them when it is raining and the temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.
  • We don’t operate when temperatures reach near 19 or 89 degrees or during severe weather conditions.
  • Our horses receive no less than five weeks of vacation or furlough every twelve months at a horse farm facility in Catskills or Poconos.