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Central Park Trees

a group of people in a park

The 843 acres of oasis in the heart of the city is the home for almost 20000 trees from 174 different species. In the foreground, there is London Plane which is the favorite of Robert Moses who planted that tree all over the city. Its leaves are the symbol of many park departments. Pink oak and Yoshino Cherry are some of the other common trees of Central Park. During the spring season, south of the The Lake turns pink as if those cheery trees put on their princess dresses. Central Park houses one of the last and largest strands of American Elms in North America. They are located on the sides of the most famous path of the park, The Literary Mall. In addition to its diversity of trees, there are also thousands of species of flowers in the park. Conservatory Garden and Shakespeare Garden are the best places to observe those flowers.

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